Joshua H.

Major: Business
School: Corban College
Earned: won $6,000 worth of scholarships and a trip to Las Vegas – all in one summer.

Joshua spent three summers in the program before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business.

“The money, the scholarships – it’s all great. I can’t get that anywhere. If I would have worked at McDonald’s, I would have made $3,000 this summer.”

“Of all the jobs I’ve had, you see very little and you do a lot of busy work. Here, you learn real world business and you get paid what you’re worth. If you don’t work hard and don’t do what you’re supposed to do, you won’t do well. I think that’s a valuable lesson to learn.”

Joshua F.

Major: Mechanical Engineering
School: University of Michigan
Won: $1,000 college scholarship  

“All of my life, I’ve wanted to own my own business and run my own life, whether it was in engineering or not, so I saw this as an opportunity. Plus, it’s way more fun than sitting at a desk all day.”

Julie R.

Major: Communications
School: Cleveland State University
Won: $875 scholarship  

“I wanted to find an internship that would work around my schedule. I saw the posting and I e-mailed them in May. I’ve never been a school person and I’ve always wanted to get out in the real world. The program has actually motivated me to put my nose in the books – to get in, get out and get it over with. … Like most kids my age, I look at the money aspect first and that attracted me. I’ve been promoted a couple of times, I’m respected and I can turn this into a career. I go to school in the morning and then work a full day here and on the weekends.”

Kevin R.

Earned: Enough to pay off his old Mercury
Now: This is his full-time career, and he drives a Mercedes

Kevin was 19 when he first took advantage of the business opportunity. He sold enough in June to pay off his old Mercury and buy a new Mustang. The business ended up becoming his calling in life and he made it his full-time profession. Now, he drives a Mercedes.

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