Skill-Building Opportunities

Working alongside independent members of our organization will give you real-life skills that you can use to advance your career:

Able to give a well-organized, thoughtful presentation to consumers and to be conscious of how he/she presents
himself/herself to others.

Able to work out an equitable solution in a buying situation that is acceptable to both the consumer and the seller.

Demonstrates effective use of persuasive presentation to convey ideas and to create a buying interest in the consumer.

Money Management:
Proven ability to generate independent income, manage accounts, and budget expenses.

Time Management:
Sets and meets deadlines for business meetings and presentations making the most effective use of time.

Team Participation:
Works well with a team of individuals contributing to the overall success of the group.

Able to effectively lead a team of people in the field and to train and counsel others towards success.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).